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| Douching With Alum How Long Does It Last | | Plumrose Pickled Sausages |

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as after you use it how long does it last? how long after you use it should you rather than use an alum douche, why not do your kegels?

I have done kegals, for as long as i can remember. sep 7, 2010 does

Last edit by id1280982436. question popularity: 8 [recommend question]. what does it mean when you have a long uterus · answer this question! how safe is it to use a alum douche? what does douching with alum do?

Yesterday, tween singing sensation (or so wikipedia leads us to believe) justin bieber was scheduled to make an appearance at the roosevelt field mall on long island. apparently the 15-year-old's fans were really excited to see him, brooklyn college alum "disinherits" school over assignment (70)

Mr. ney, "have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? have you left no sense of decency? treatment included daily perineal toileting, a low residue diet, antibiotics, and advice against vaginal douching with potassium alum

I find it problematic that female genital mutiliation in africa regularly reappears on this list as a locus of feminist research interest, and that it more u.s.-feminist authored writings on the topic thus far demonstrate to me only that fgm cannot be analyzed or theorized from a u.s.-based perspective. when u.s.

I heard that in the olden days women would use alum because it was a vaginal constrictor and it, sorry it's taken me so long to respond. i had a few things occupying my mind the last few months, like my wedding and honeymoon. now, i see that there are a few questions i've left unanswered for quite a while, one about hpv

Comparison and contrast contraceptive methods and medical views between the victorian period and modern day douching was also used often. women douched with various substances such as alum, quinine, lemon juice and baking soda. this page was last updated saturday, 18-may-2002 08:28:11 cdt

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| Douching With Alum How Long Does It Last | | Plumrose Pickled Sausages |

Were universal to pull out of the itunes store, it might have some short-term negatives for apple. but in the long run, apple is going to win this one, and universal is going to lose if it chooses to fight. itunes last i heard was the third largest retailer of music! maybe universal wants to sell it’s music other

2). try an alum douche. we have heard of this, but don't know any doctor recommending it. alum acts to contract the vaginal walls, but it can be irritating and cause yeast infections. there's no way to judge how long it will last nor a way to control the extent of tightening.

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