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Potatoes Dauphinois Jacques Pepin

As this scalloped potato dish is part of our culinary repertoire, and we hope it will become part of yours too. the technique of starting the potatoes in a saucepan of half-and-half and ending them in a buttered gratin dish comes from the masterful jacques pépin. keywords potato, cookooks, jacques pepin, vegetarian, cheese

Try jacques pépin’s recipe for gratin dauphinois from the gourmet cookbook or our recipe for creamy leek soup i sauté it in a skillet, along with some potatoes. and we had a shallot out of the garden and a whole bunch of arugula, which grows like crazy in our garden—you just can’t get rid of it. you could feed

Oct 18, 2009 gratin dauphinois or potatoes gratin. thinly sliced potatoes baked in i used the gratin dauphinois in jacques pépin's book as the basis

I used the gratin dauphinois in jacques pépin's book as the basis for my

Sweet potato-sage gratin dauphinois recipe 77 of 365 this dauphinois technique is based on a recipe for gratin dauphinois in the gourmet cookbook, which is itself based on a jacques pepin recipe. if you have one, use a mandolin to slice the potatoes to about 1/16" thick, or as thin as you can get them with a knife.

This recipe has at it's core, an adaptation of jacques pepin's recipe for fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, oven roasted tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms with mustard i used the gratin dauphinois in jacques pépin's book as the basis for my recipe. 1. preheat oven to 425 ̊f. layer the garlic, potatoes,

Last march claudine renee roland pepin married chef rolland bailey wesen whom she met in 2001 at the upper east side restaurant jacques brasserie. after dinner claudine offered him a glass this simple to prepare dish, would be served in the elysee palace with gratin dauphinois, potatoes with garlic, cream and cheese.

By jacques pepin. cold weather is gratin season for me. the alchemy of the combination, gratin dauphinois, has all the understated extravagance of a

I tried the version of this that jacques pepin gives in "julia and jacques: cooking at home." he includes sliced onions (not caramelized) and the effect was kind of slimy and not really great tasting. i get tired of the richness of scalloped potatoes, so i'd like to try this again.

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Potatoes Dauphinois Jacques Pepin

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