| Paula Deans Navy Bean And Ham Soup | | G Garvin Buttermilk Pie |

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as 2 pounds michigan navy beans add the onion to the pot of beans. remove 2 cups of the bean mixture, puree in a blender, and return to the soup. add to ham to soup mixture. just before serving, season the soup with salt and pepper, to taste. thank you, paula for having it on your website. you saved the day. i'll eat some

Hungry for more paula? i live in michigan and we get our navy beans in big glass jars (drain the goop and my mom always added celery, onion and carrots. i use organic chicken stock this was a very flavorful bean soup. i simmered the beans and a ham bone for several hours. half a recipe was plenty for a family of 5.

How to cook bacon wrapped smokies in the crockpot · grape jelly cocktailweenies recipe | canned blueberry cobbler | | paula deans navy bean and ham soup |

Shortly before christmas i received paula deen’s new family cookbook.  i love paula dean.  and so do my kids.  they love to yell for me when she comes on tv.  if you haven’t gotten her new book, check it out.  it’s becoming one of my favorites.  here it is: 3 responses to navy bean and ham soup

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21 views. 2 cans navy beans, 1 lg. can bean and bacon soup, 1 can chunky bean ham soup, 1 lg. bell senate bean soup recipe : paula deen : food network

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| Paula Deans Navy Bean And Ham Soup | | G Garvin Buttermilk Pie |

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