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| Sweet Potato Dumplings With Crescent Rolls | | Nantucket Fish Recipes |

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bi sweet potato dumplings 1 pkg frozen sweet potato patties (cut each patty into 1/2 moons) small packs of crescent rolls (16 total crescent rolls) roll each potato half in crescent roll

-divide crescent rolls into triangles. triangles come apart easier if left in the fridge until you are ready for this step.

Serve traditional sweet potatoes in a new way with this tender, delicious crescent roll.

Find all the best sweet potato dumplings recipes from top sites & cookbooks on 2 pkgs crescent roll s. 1 pkg sweet potato patties. 2 cups water. 1½ cups butter, melted

These sweet potato rolls are full of fresh sweet potato flavor. serve these sweet potato crescent rolls with ham, beef or turkey for dinner or with a little honey butter for

Some like to use fresh sweet potatoes as well. i make these simple sweet and savory dumplings often. wrap each half potato patty in one crescent roll triangle.

Sweet potato crescent dumplings 1 can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 1 can (15 oz.) sweet potatoes in syrup, drained (reserve syrup) ½ cup (1 stick) butter or margarine â…” cup

2 pkg. sweet crescent rolls! pkg.sweet potato patties,cut in half; 2 cups corn starch and vanilla.pour over dumplings.bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until cresent roll are

Sweet potato dumplings1 pkg frozen sweet potato patties packs of crescent rolls (16 total crescent rolls)roll each potato sausage on each rectangle and roll up, then

Not really overwhelming so don't be afraid to try them, even if you don't care for sweet potatoes. read more. see less. crescent; rolls; sweet; potato

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| Sweet Potato Dumplings With Crescent Rolls | | Nantucket Fish Recipes |

  • Looking for new recipe ideas? freshen up your menu w/ pillsburyÂ.
  • Crescent rolls recipes & meal ideas! updated daily!

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